Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Step 4 of the free motion project

Done with the unpicking I could start fresh and being this close to finishing this I have to admit that I abandoned the house and cleaning for a day.  Cut your nose to spite your face as it has to be done at another time.  Why don't housewives get vacation?

This went rather fast (or then still most of a day but faster than the dense stitching I did on the other colors) and I loved every moment of it.
Visited our local PFAFF dealer during the morning and noticed the most lovely metallic Marathon thread on her table.  Just arrived, not even unpacked and I had to have one!!

My photo is unfortunately not that good but hopefully when clicking on it to enlarge it, you'll be able to see the silver pebbles filling the empty spaced between the feathers.
As much as I wanted to finish this there and then I simply had to stop and get some housework done.  Ah well, at least I have something to look forward to tomorrow!

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