Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Another golf day in the blazing sun

As much as I huff and puff about my friends' need to invite me to golf, this one happened timely as I had nothing else to write on my blog.  Still working on the projects for our National Quilt Festival in 2013, started with preparations for my free motion class next year and otherwise finishing up with my very last class being this evening.

Friend Rina invited us to a champagne breakfast at the Oliewenhuis Art Museum and then we set off to hit a couple of balls.

Poor Marie was not at all informed about the plans for the day and having taken a lift with Rina had to simply fall in and even though she played in sandals; did far better than us as she did not lose a ball.

As my heading indicated, it was hell hot in central South Africa and my bottled water soon turned lukewarm and choosing to wear black did not make it any easier.

Now watch Rina - aim, with the sand bunker right in front of her....

Massive hit.....

And yip, it landed right in the sand.  This is so typical of our game and I suppose Marie did not lose a ball as she never hit it far enough to be able to get lost.

Karin sorting through her gear to find the right club.

Fishing for balls - not compliments - as try as you might not even the kindest person would be able to compliment our game or whatever you want to call our attempts to hit the balls.

Thank you girls and especially Rina for the lovely breakfast and gift.

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