Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 7 - Last day - Home alone

So we’ve reached the end of 2011 and my last day home alone.  It has been a good one for me in that I don’t recall any major or out of control issues apart from losing 2 dear pets but with life comes death and one needs to accept it.
 Got up and cleaned house frantically in anticipation of friend Celdri’s visit.  She already headed this way but will stop over at family tonight and even though I've been alone the carpets still gathered cat hair, feathers and with the sunny weather a brand new layer of dust.

I am going out with the big kids tonight to greet the old year and await the New Year and suspect I might just be slightly tired tomorrow to only clean before Celdri’s arrival, so I did it today.  Took a nice shower afterwards and took care of my dreadlocks (I have extremely curly hair when left unattended).

I cut the next block from the Simple Yet Elegant BOM and after seeing to all the pets to ensure that they’d be safe for the night I can start the handwork on this one while waiting for the big kids to come fetch me.
Hope you too have a wonderful last evening of the year!

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