Monday, December 19, 2011

Step 3 of the free motion workshop

Templates cut, I could start packing the shapes to get a nice color variation in every piece.
With this done I used a wide and dense satin stitch to keep the pieces together and with satin stitch not being one of my favorites it felt like this step took forever but looking at the end results worthwhile.
Then I moved on to the center thought bubble, marking my feather placements after the shadow was stitched in place.
I started with Marathon variegated thread color 5005 and got as far as this when my friend from Cape Town phoned.  I was quite happy with the thread and color.
While talking to her however, with my thread box open on the table, I spotted these Metler variegated spools and decided that I liked this more.  The color of the Metler thread is 9981.

So then I had to unpick my previous stitching.  Not that I terribly minded. Our 2 new kittens chased a bug and ran over my quilting several times causing me to have a few nasty stitches.
Here they look ever so calm while sleeping but believe me they can be a handful.  After Catsidy died I literally cried myself into 2 new kittens.  So allow me to introduce Ash and Sasky, with Ash being the tinier one but a week older than Sasky.

Okay, off to bed to sit and do some unpicking.

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