Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 5 - Home alone

While at the Waterfront Mall with Rina yesterday I did a little shopping.  Bought a gift for friend Celdri, coming to visit in a few days and heat resistant glue to fix one of my Christmas gifts from DH that I broke when I tried to screw the handle on the lid!

So I did gift wrapping (packing) and repaired my lid.

I also got myself a small fan for my sewing room.  I do have an air conditioner in my room but I feel guilty leaving it on all day if I am constantly in and out of the room.  In South Africa electricity is becoming a rare commodity and I try to do my part and save as much as possible.  The little fan hopefully does not use as much as the air conditioner does and I can switch it on and off not having to wait as long before the room cools down.  The hot flushes are killing me!

I have to remember to thank my family for this break.  I processed our Trust account on Pastel, did all the other ‘need to’ paperwork lying around, filed everything and what a wonderful sight when I checked my diary to see that until NEXT year I do not have a single entry…… zilts, nothing, niks!

Okay, so I do not diarize my quilt UFO’s but allow me to enjoy this moment before getting technical.

Feeling rather ‘light and free’ I went shopping – basic necessities (cat food and bird seed), nothing fun.  Then the big kids took me to lunch at a nursery just outside of town where I had to drink a cider all by my lonesome self.  The pregnant fairy may not drink and my kids, unlike their dear mother, do not drink at all.  Lovely sunny day though and alone or not, the cider tasted great in the heat.

Back home I started working on my next ‘Simple Yet Elegant’ block and ironed fabric to heaps of freezer paper pattern pieces.  I do my hand appliqué in exactly the same manner as Chris describes in her blog over HERE and it turns out the way Marié dislikes as she tells us in her blog HERE

Whenever I have to put pattern pieces on a dark background I go about as follows.  I use my Teflon pressing sheet, which is see-through and place this over the printed paper pattern.  I then use ordinary glue stick to adhere the pieces on the right place.  The glue stick will easily peel off where it is applied to the Teflon sheet but the fabric pieces will stay stuck together.  I do remove the freezer paper before I start.

When done I have a single unit that can easily be moved.

What used to be 62 small circles can now be placed on the background as one piece.

Sindy from Fatcatpatterns uses a similar way but with appliqué paper and I got this idea from her.

Didn’t finish the handwork on this blog as I found a new photo collage maker on the internet and played for almost 3 hours with it for another blog I write.  O how I do love days where I get time to play.

It has been midnight already, so I better go follow these two and find my comfortable bed to sleep in as I have a breakfast appointment tomorrow.

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