Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finalizing the free motion project

With having a public holiday in sunny South Africa DH was at home.  Now from the day we got married I realized this guy was a workaholic and knew it was up to me to entertain myself, which I did.  So having him at home all day long is ...... uh... different (opposed to annoying).  But he got himself 2 helpers and tackled the garden before the holidays however the day was still different in that I simply refuse to cook on public holidays.  One has to put your foot down occasionally.

So I got up, tidied the houses and even did the laundry and ironing before disappearing into my sewing room to finish up the free motion project.  Not much left to do and satin stitching around the thought bubble's edges went faster than doing the same around the smaller pattern pieces and the variegated thread looked so pretty!

Popped all the pieces into the washing machine to get rid of any blue markers and spray adhesive and served myself a cold cider to celebrate.  There are few better feelings than tidying your sewing room and putting away fabric and thread after finishing a project.

While waiting for the pattern pieces to dry and obviously with having had a cider during the daytime, I took a 'public-holiday-daytime' nap which was wonderful at the time.  Let's rather not discuss not being able to sleep that evening.

Then I used what was left of the day to assemble the whole lot to get my wall hanging as a unit. Mostly done by hand but by matching the tread to the thread color of the satin stitching and with the back thread being buried in the batting, I didn't have to worry about small or neat stitching.

This concludes my wall hanging - named Bright Idea - but I can see how others might want to add more 'bling' to their wall hanging and I think I'll leave this as a personal choice.

Now to type up the notes for teaching...............ugh!

Completed:  16 December 2011

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