Friday, December 23, 2011

Doing good over here

Next on my cleaning list was the kitchen.  Ah, what a pleasure.  DH closed shop for the year and with him at home he moved all the heavy appliances forward to allow me to clean under and behind these.

The rest of the kitchen was a breeze.  I am not too fond of cooking and kitchens and cook because I HAVE to.  So my kitchen has the bare basics with a place for everything and everything in its place.  I think I had to wipe clean 2 drawers (rusks and birdseed) and one cupboard (a couple of dead mosquito's), the rest was as crisp as the day I organized it.

So 2 areas done on my list of year-end cleaning and I could continue with my goody bag projects and finished my half for March 2012 this time with the help of Iessie Steenberg, festival coordinator, and ‘tannie’ (aunt)  Magriet, fellow quilter, who quilted backings for me.

Ash had a ball in my blue remnant drawer when I searched for strips to match my projects.

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