Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 3 - Home alone

I am expecting a dear old friend one of these days therefore had to tidy the one guest bedroom and as any quilter would guess have been taken over by quilting stuff!  I wonder what ever gave me the idea that I was organized.  Turned out far from!  I could not believe how many items I found in the guest bedroom cupboards and drawers that I recently had to shop for simply because I believed I didn’t have any.

While having coffee breaks between sorting I unfortunately discovered a very addictive game on FB – Bubble Atlantis.  I would rather not go into how much time that could have been used more productively was spent to play this.  Bad, bad FB!!

Luckily I run out of lives after a while.

In the mood for the computer I finally finished my class notes for the Free-motion workshop for next year and got updated on all the blogs I follow. So I didn’t ONLY play games.

The big kids came over and even brought me lunch.  I think they know if I’m alone I live of whatever comes from a can or packet.

Then I wrote a couple of posts ahead for our guilds’ blog and started with a handwork block.  Would however not be finished today, so no picture yet.

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