Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 1 - Home alone

DH and the blonde barely left for their 8-day holiday at the coast or I did exactly what I promised to do – have no routine, quilt a lot and treat myself.  Whenever I have alone times like this, it reminds me of the song “Overdrive” with the words “I listen to only me, myself and I.  So I brushed my teeth, put on a nice facial mask and moved in behind my PFAFF Grand Quilter.  I started quilting a pre-printed panel I used way back in March to demonstrate free motion quilting but never got to finish it.

Just because I had no routine or deadlines did not mean I had no work at all.  As said in a prior post if you skip housework it is just creating a problem for later.  I packed away all the Christmas decorations and then cleaned the entertainment room from top to bottom, even washed the carpet.  I do however believe my kids are growing up now.  This year I did not have a single sticky spot on the tile floor….. Unbelievable!

I noticed the kittens were extremely bored in this quiet house and they love playing out in the front yard but get a fright every time a car passes by and like having us sit with them early in the evenings.  So I decided what the heck, it is only me that knows I’m home alone let me go sit outside.  Yip and there a drunk with all his worldly possessions in two plastic bags sat right in front of our gate.  I played brave and tried to tell him that he cannot sit there but he simply replied “that it is Christmas” and even took out 2 neatly wrapped Christmas gifts from one of his bags.

I phoned the security company which in turn phoned the police and in hindsight with all the crime in our police- and security force, I might as well have put a banner on the front gate to advertise that I’m alone.  So meat cleaver will have to stay close by.

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