Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 4 - Home alone & Simple Yet Elegant block 10

My day started somewhat different in that I could not wander around in my PJ’s with a face mask as I did the last 3 days seeing that I expected Mayday’s owner to fetch it today.

Ash decided to see what could be so interesting inside the visiting bird’s cage as unlike our birds, it never comes out.  Mayday was not at all chuffed but strangely enough for a bird thought to be aggressive, did not attack.

Mayday left late morning and then friend, Rina came over just before lunch - big mistake!  She wanted me to help her with her blog and obviously try out my famous Banana Daquiri.  Unless you really dislike bananas this will be the nicest drink you've ever tasted.

While at the computer I decided to introduce Rina to the game I got addicted to on FB - Bubble Atlantis and after toppling one of my high scores, she calmly said:  "What makes you think my house is not going to be organized any further this afternoon?"

We obviously had more Banana Daiquiri and did I say 'big mistake'?  The little bit of non-intoxicated brains warned me that we should eat and off we went to our local Waterfront Mall.  What would our very kind waiter do?  Offer us their famous Litchi Cocktail - another big mistake.
I only got home long after 4pm with a very upset parrot, Meeko waiting for me as she is used to be put in bed round about 3pm for her nap.  Slept every bit as hard as Meeko and woke up with one alarming headache.  Had to have several cups of coffee while sitting outside with the kittens to make it subside.

I wasn't up to much the rest of the evening so I just sat back and finished the handwork on Block 10 of the BOM offered by The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

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