Thursday, December 22, 2011

Other important things

Done with my Free-motion project for 2012 I had other important things to do.  With me doing my own cooking and cleaning I only have this time of the year to try and get my house back to its original state as once I start teaching in the evenings in February, there is simply no time to do anything but the basics.

So today I cleaned out the pantry and what a hell hot little room this is in summer!  I had to walk out several times and just stand at the nearest fan to allow the sweat running down my face to dry.  However it is done and now we’ll be able to find all the stuff I bought for the next couple of months – or maybe just until the next time I shop depending on the speed that I need to pack things away.

Then I quickly finished my goody bag projects for our National Quilt Festival 2013 and I am proud to say that I am actually ahead in that I finished my quota for February 2012.  I have to thank fellow quilter and National quilt judge, Frances van Schalkwyk, who helped me tremendously by quilting all the backings.  I could therefore just stitch the project together, trim and neaten it.

Sasky had an absolute ball with all the fabric snippets on the table.

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