Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 6 - Home alone & Simple Yet elegant Block 11

Okay, enough is enough.  One can only have this much of doing your own thing.  I am actually beginning to miss the family and having a routine.  Gosh, I am going to regret these words in a couple of weeks.

Meeko, our parrot, has not been very kind in that she woke me just before 6 am every morning, so I had no late sleep-ins even once!  Today Karin took me out for breakfast – I should add that I had to phone her and tell her that it is about time she takes me out!

Done with breakfast we walked across the street so I could show Mayday to Karin but yes, taking Karin to a fabric store is like taking a kid to a toy shop.  She glanced at Mayday quickly and then disappeared behind the racks buying decorations for her Crazy Patch quilt as is she doesn’t already have the contents of a store inside her house yet!  I am dragging her along to Croatia next year and told her to save but nah, some of my friends are so stinking rich they don’t know the end of their fortunes.

Sasky, the kitten, caught his first birdie but the poor baby is still alive.  Now I keep it in an outside parrot cage, hoping the parents will come to feed it.

Mayday is back for this long weekend as the owners decided to make use of the welcome break.  Anyone owning their own business would know how hard it is to get away and more so if you own pets.

The big kids came over after having been to the gynecologist late this afternoon very chuffed to show me their second little sonar image of an itsy-teeny-tiny 14,7mm fetus.  The doctor confirmed that they are only 8 weeks pregnant now – the time when most other women only start suspecting their pregnancy but not this DIL of mine – nope way too inquisitive.  She even plans this unborn little human’s wedding already.

They stayed the evening and while my son worked on my PC the pregnant fairy had cheese slices with chili Bovril spread in between – no crackers or bread whatsoever.

So not much sewing happening but I did finish Block 11 of the Simple Yet Elegant BOM by The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

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