Saturday, December 24, 2011

Missing kitten

We woke up this morning realizing our black male kitten, Sasky, was missing.

If you know anything about my family you’d also know this meant major chaos in this house.  Everyone that wasn’t yet up, got up and dressed extremely fast and then we went walking like crazy people, calling “Sasky!” as if he’d answer.  Now anyone with pets will know that the most stupid thing any pet does, is to stop making any sounds if they see their owners – thinking you’d see them if they see you.
Our blonde was devastated as Sasky adopted her and the two of them are rather close.  She even searched the park across the street but to no avail.  I walked right around the house still calling frantically but nothing.
In the back of my mind I kept thinking that he got a fright and somehow ended up in a spot that he couldn’t get out of and still thinking this, I heard the blonde shout out and yip, there Sasky sat in the neighbors’ tree right in the enclosure they have for their very viscous German Shepherd.  Lucky for us the neighbor had his gardener in today and he distracted the dog to allow the blonde to get up the tree and try to rescue the petrified kitten.  Sasky must have some ragdoll genes as the moment he saw his owner with a continental pillow, it was just one flop downwards and he landed on in, no scratching, ever so trusting.
Reunited with his family - shame he must have been in the tree all night long - he ate, greeted the parrot and then disappeared under the blondes' bed for a well deserved sleep.

Apart from kitten searching I did very little of anything today – very little cleaning, no progress on the festival projects and very little quilting.  I however used the left over pre-quilted fabric I had from my Bright Idea wall hanging and sewn these into little Yin-Yang coasters.

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  1. Oh shame it must have been a very hungry kitty. Its amazing how trusting cats really can get. Even wild animals. My daughter is raising a warthog that was abandoned a week old and its now 3 weeks and just wants to be with her, even jumps onto the car and on her lap. hehehe