Friday, September 30, 2011

The bribes

DH suggested I rest my muscles the day before the big golf game but now you try telling it to the 2 witches, I once thought were kind friends, seen on the photo below!!

 No, no, they reckoned we should get in another practice session on Wednesday around 10 am.  Now my day didn't start off well with a scream coming from the blonde’s room.  Ran to find out what the issue was and saw that this little guy caused the commotion. 

 Captured little old spider to set it free in the garden but then I had to get going as ‘walking-partner’ too had her own plans for the day.  She didn't feel much for me having a huge game the next day so we set off to the Botanical Gardens for a steep uphill hiking trail, followed by a couple of tummy exercises and jogging back to the car.  Out on my feet by then but had just enough time to take a quick shower and change attire for the new exercise routine.

I guess the witches read my blog as I barely arrived and was showered with bribes.  Look at this neat hand work case with our festival logo on the outside from witch Karin.

And then I got the lovely needle case from witch Rina.

Once soothed with the bribes, I got my team T-shirt with the name of our team and our sponsor embroidered on the sleeve. 

Then it was time to go hit some balls and don’t I just look the part?  However do not be fooled for a moment, that ball most probably ended just outside this picture.

 Here witch Karin can be seen in action – as she herself put it…. It looked as if it snowed around her with very few of the balls landing very far.

 Then we got thirsty and Rina magically brought out box wine – cool and soothing and that’s about where my practice ended.  This part of the session I enjoyed most!

 Now some of us can take our wine but to some……. They still need plenty of practice and after having her tiny box of wine; Rina thought it a great idea to roll down a grass embankment with her grandson.

 You seriously didn't think I’d help you up now Rina, did you?  All of this was after all your bright idea!!

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