Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip to Petrusburg

Last week I took a lonely trip to a teeny tiny town about an hour’s drive from us.  I’ve been invited to speak about quilting by a group of crafty ladies, from the community, who gathers once a month.

The trip was lonely as I couldn’t find a willing participant to undertake the trip with me and some of my friends were just so busy with facials, pedicures, manicures and what not that a short trip was just too much asked.  Note to self – you need new friends!

The ladies warned me that I had to leave an hour and a half before the time due to several stops for road construction and I did just that.

My quilts for show and tell in the boot and a myriad of entertainment and sweets on the passenger seat, I started the trip.  Not too far out of the city or I got to my first stop, so I made the most of it, grabbed my camera and took this photo of the view.
Good thing I didn’t hesitate as I hardly put my camera down or the line of vehicles started moving after only 3 minutes of waiting.  By the second and third stop for road works I went through without having to stop.

So I got to my destination with plenty of time to spare.  Drove around in the little town but honestly times like these I am so grateful for living in a city albeit one of the smaller ones in our country.  Found a little restaurant (that’s what it was called but it was more or less a make-shift corrugated iron kiosk with tables and chairs) and had a cup of coffee to kill time.

Drove to the church hall where the meeting took place and was quite surprised to see how neatly organized this little group was set up for their monthly meeting.  Tables set, decorations, snacks, agenda for the meeting and speakers introduced.  They even had a judge for their own crafting and baking seated very formally at another table away from the others.
Had my speech or rather ‘show and tell’ and was nicely surprised by the interest shown by the younger ladies and after answering some of their questions I wondered whether I would be able to ask such ‘related’ questions on a hobby I know nothing about.
On my way back I was not quite as lucky at the stops but still only waited 13 minutes in total and got to take another photo of the vast nothingness in central South Africa.

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