Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Our local PFAFF fundraising block lotto blocks

Every quarter we have a block lotto organized by our local PFAFF dealer as a fundraiser for our National Quilt Festival in 2013.  I’ve participated in every challenge since the beginning and subsequently also won the previous term’s blocks.  Still need to stitch those in a quilt but I am already working on this term’s blocks.

The challenge now is to make 10½” square crazy patch blocks in red and purple with either hand or machine embroidery on it.  Little old me decided on hand embroidery, which I am totally ignorant about, but needed the preparation for a course I am attending later this month using quite a bit of hand embroidery and I didn’t want to sit there, keeping the rest of the class from moving forward.

Friend Karin had to come to the rescue again with matching embroidery thread and fancy decorations and did this little one give specific instructions.  See, she desperately wants to win this challenge!!

I’m glad I tried this but whether I would now turn into a hand embroidery fanatic I’m not too convinced about.  About as boring as machine embroidery and not my cup of tea.

So on a public forum I pledge to, should I win this block lotto, kindly hand it over to friend Karin – who should then be indebted to me for the rest of her bloomin life!!

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