Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sleepless night

The time on my IPad shows 3:14 (am that is) and if I knew I would have another sleepless night I could have been more productive and quilted a little. Unfortunately I cannot predict these nights and I am extremely grateful for my IPad. Caught up on some blog reading and listening to mom visiting the bathroom every 20 minutes or so! Another reason why I don't sneak out to my sewing room which unfortunately is halfway between mom's room and her bathroom and she would peek in and say her 'one-sentence-for-the-evening' every single time which would drive me nuts. My mom has dementia and simply cannot remember anything recent (old memories still in tact though), so having to hear 1 sentence such as: "What are you making" up to as much as 60 times a day has become somewhat of a new obstacle I have to deal with.

So a non-quilting related post just another attempt in trying to find something that would make me sleepy.

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