Sunday, September 04, 2011

Saturday’s group meeting with the Golden Threads

These group meetings become nicer the longer I belong to the group, I suppose not having to teach plays a big role for now I too can just be one of the girls and do my own thing, and I don’t have to be on high alert all the time.
Unfortunately being surrounded by such good company meant I only got 1 project done.  I completed the turquoise secret project for the National Quilt Festival in 2013.  It is depressing how fast these 3 hours fly by.
Friend Karin came to say ‘hi’ (dressed in her Sunday best!!) and shared some of the lovely cake group member, Petro, brought to the meeting.
The real reason for Karin’s visit however, was to bring me a little present.  O how I do like to have rich friends.  We are both attending a course mid September by National teacher, Marilyn Pretorius, but with me being as traditional as can be in my quilting; Marilyn’s innovative style will be a new venture for me.  So upon getting the list of course materials needed I realized I didn’t even know what half the stuff was.  (Fabrics other than 100% cotton). 

So I set off on a begging spree, list in hand and read the list to everyone prepared to listen to me, hoping to get something from them.  Our local PFAFF dealer, Marie, was the first to help, then a trip to my DH’s aunt whom makes ballroom and wedding gowns and got more help and then just to get some coffee I stopped by Karin and discovered a gold mine in her sewing room.

I named the item off the list and she’d open a drawer and out comes what I need in every possible color.  I left there with my ‘ingredients’ packed and sorted.  Marilyn won’t even know that I’m a total novice.  Okay, Karin could not neglect to tell just everyone about this annoying friend who visited her twice in one week to mess up her whole sewing room organization but be fair, when you see a pot of cold, will you be able to keep your hands off???  Wool and beads, sequins and fabric………… to die for I tell you.

The whole time in collecting (begging) what I need the only problem I had was not having space to keep all of these new goodies, so friend Karin, solved my problem with her lovely gift.
Back home I immediately started packing and now I look even more professional. 
Now I just need to practice my embroidery skills and I’ll be as good as any other innovative quilter (I hope).
Suppose I better stop bragging now for with my luck I’ll forget to take my machine, with all these new goodies that I’m so excited about, and how professional will I look then?

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