Thursday, September 15, 2011

My very first fabric postcard

Fellow quilter, Elsie van der Bijl, now with her own blog over HERE is a fabric postcard addict and you know how it goes with quilters, the more you talk about something, the more inquisitive you become and sooner than later, you’ll try it out yourself.

Elsie hinted that she needed postcards for a display at our festival and I didn’t promise a thing as I prefer to only commit myself to things I know I will be able to do BUT you will remember it was her son that helped me set up my I Pad, so I owed her BIG time.

So without knowing too much I started making my first fabric postcard and this is the result.

 I cannot see myself getting involved in a postcard exchange program but loved the fact that I could start and finish a project in 2 days.

Still no promises but I might just make a couple more.

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  1. Love this postcard, Hettie. Windmills are SO Free State. Love it.