Friday, September 02, 2011

How peaceful can one evening get?

Hubby played golf today and obviously got stuck on the 19th hole – this one always seems to be the hardest to get done with, the blonde went out with her pathetic boyfriend and dear Karin wasn’t done with her monthly statements to ‘quilt-thru-the-nite’, so here I was all by my lonesome self.

Tomorrow I’m getting together with my ‘once-a-month’ quilt group The Golden Threads and with the group gathering on the other side of town for only 3 hours I dread taking my sewing machine.  The amount of packing involved just doesn’t seem to validate the time spent there.  So I had to prepare some hand work to take along.

Moved myself out to my ‘classroom’ to escape mom’s (with Dementia) one- line- for- the- day’s- sentence, made myself some crackers with blue cheese and olives to go with a couple of glasses of wine and prepared my hand work for tomorrow.

The first was stitching a binding to a secret project for our National Quilt Festival in 2013 which I can then just hand stitch to finalize.  This is the turquoise in the photo.  Then I made a freezer paper appliqué shape for my BOM block from The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  This needs to be hand stitched to the brownish background fabric.

Why I drink my wine from a stainless steel picnic glass............  well, I seem to get rather clumsy after the second glass and has broken way too many glasses – so I got myself a ‘child-proof’ glass – been lasting for a couple of years now!!

Done with my preparations I just noticed the movie ‘Saw 6’ is about to start on TV, so until DH arrives this is how I’ll spent the rest of my very peaceful evening.

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