Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Being organized.... for once

I wasn’t even as stiff as I thought I’d be after the golf so my day started out well with our brisk early morning walk before getting home to do the ‘rescue-after-the-weekend’ duties.  I however have a nice system going with a little of the ‘must do’ mixed with a little of the ‘want to do’.  So I’d never just be cleaning like crazy, instead I’d do a little cleaning i.e. collect all the laundry and start the washing machine and then take a little ‘me’ time by reading a couple of blogs, back to work alternated by a little play and in the end all gets done.

The only part in this system that I don’t like is when I have to drive anywhere which is the case this morning.  I have lamb shank curry with spinach on the menu for tonight and need a couple of ingredients.  Driving anywhere just seems to take such a chunk out of the day for once I have to go out I always think that it is a good idea to run a couple of other errands while out , in the end losing valuable hours of the day.

Today’s trip however paid off as after purchasing a Max Factor product I got a watch for free.  Way too much ‘bling’ for me but the blonde loved it – can’t imagine her not loving anything that is for free.

Back home the gears started rolling again and I even got dear old mom to sit outside while I cooked, unpacked the dishwasher and folded laundry.  Did the ironing too and early evening with the aroma of curried lamb filling the house, I could kick back and page through a magazine while waiting for the rice to cook.

I might just get some quilting done this evening.

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