Monday, September 26, 2011

Going to sleep like a baby

Still didn’t get to enjoy my clean sewing room. DH took me for some golfing practise and I nearly died.  Hitting a ball a short distance into a net and doing the real thing proved to be totally different.  We started off with putting – as DH put it, ‘before your arms get tired’ – proved he knew something I didn’t!  Then hit what seemed to be 50 balls from the driving range and 50 turned out the magic number as that was about the furthest I could hit a ball and then not necessarily in the right direction.  Back to the number 50..... Why o, why would women in their 50’s decide to play golf?

I think by then I moaned so much that DH decided to buy me breakfast and it turned out the bar opened just then and I must confess, this was a first for me.......... a glass of white wine with plenty of ice, with breakfast!  Heck but it was SO good.

Not done, I had to do the pitching thing – for in case I ended up in a sand bunker – more likely DH should have said ‘seeing that you’re going to be more in sand bunkers than anywhere else’ but with the golf stick in my hands, he selected his wordings rather carefully.

Then ‘the brain’ thought it good to take me out on the course to experience the real thing by playing only 5 holes.  I don’t have any idea of who thought up this game, made the rules, decided you needed more than one stick, have to remember how far you hit with which one and get a ball in the tiniest hole ever but this person (most likely a man) must have been terribly bored with really not much happening in his life.  He should have tried quilting!

When done I, for the first time, understood why men have the ‘one-for-the-road’ drink as I then insisted on one.  Felt as if I would never make it home without it, so another glass of ice-cold white wine.

I could already feel my muscles stiffen in the car – everything from my neck to my ankles with my arms and shoulders feeling the worst.  Stopped by the shop for milk on our way back and rewarded myself with a huge slice of cheesecake – I think it should be shared by 3 people – but my body obviously burnt more calories on the golf course today than in the last 15 years of my life, so I had it all by myself!  In retrospect, it looked better than it tasted but I finished it anyway.

Early evening I mustered up the courage to take up a quilting project I started earlier this year but this quilt is going to turn out huge with hundreds of tiny pieces and my clean sewing room proved to be slightly too small, so I came down to the classroom but quilting with muscles that doesn’t belong to me, was no fun and I did not achieve much.

DH promised to give me a good massage tonight and I so looked forward to this however the soul is already sleeping on the couch in front of the TV so I can’t help wondering whether this is going to realize.  Massage or not, I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

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  1. You have much to learn! On the one occasion I agreed to play golf with DH, I made it such a nightmare that it will never, ever be suggested again! Either that, or just say 'no thanks' to anyone who asks!