Saturday, September 24, 2011


Dragged the laptop to the kitchen on Wednesday morning to try and do some multi-tasking.  With carpets washed, major grocery and meat shopping done, I set aside today to do some cooking-in-advance.  With most of my quilt classes in the evenings from 6 – 9 pm, dinner is always somewhat of an issue and I need this ready beforehand.  So cooking in advance has become a life saver.
I mostly do the meat dishes and even if I can only partially cook some, it already helps a lot.  Occasionally, when I am in a very good mood – seeing that I am not too fond of the kitchen/cooking I’ll even do veggies in advance but only if I know they’ll freeze well and freezing won’t alter the taste.

With laptop in the kitchen I can play my Facebook games, write a blog post, cook, do dishes, check the washing machine, oven and even fold the laundry as they dry.

So in the evening, while teaching, I at least know the family can dish up for themselves.

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