Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Simple Yet Elegant BOM – Block 9

Not getting this block done, even though prepared beforehand, during our Saturday group meeting I started hand appliquéing the block early the same evening.

DH and the blonde went to buy us some Cinnabons and with that and a cup of coffee each I took my hand sewing to sit with mom on her bed and finish this.  Sad how our parents have to deteriorate with age.  I used to take hand work to hospital when visiting my mom after operations up to 2006 and she always knew exactly what I was working on and for which room/event.  Now her Dementia is so bad that even when sitting with her the whole time, she'd ask me every 10 minutes or so what I am doing.

This block is from the BOM by the online quilt magazine The Quilt Pattern Magazine and with this block having only 1 applique shape, it didn’t take me too long to finish.

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