Saturday, October 01, 2011

The big day

It started raining Wednesday evening and I so wished for thunderstorms, lightning and hail – anything that would cancel the golf day but alas apart from being somewhat cloudy with only a couple of itsy-bitsy raindrops falling, it turned out the perfect day for any avid golfer (which I am not).  So up I got, dressed in uniform and off to the golf course where my team mates already eagerly awaited the day.

This photo of our 4 ball alliance was only taken after the dinner so we did not look all that fresh anymore but at least we were still capable of remembering to take the group photo.

Before any balls were hit, Hes (third from left on the photo) ordered our first drink.  This must have been around 10 am.  Can’t remember what it was but some cider of sorts and then we set off to start the competition.  We were the only team with 2 carts (what makes you think we’re too lazy to walk?) and our very own personal pointer/caddy which was DH.

Shame, the poor man had the worlds’ patience with us as no matter how hard he coached it was to no avail.  If he said ‘aim left’, you could bet your arm all our balls would go right.  For this reason I kept my sunglasses and cap on even though it was cloudy as this was my undercover look.  I did not want anyone recognize me during play.

Poor Hes had the toughest time driving as Rina would constantly step on the ‘petrol’ while Hes had to control the wheel and direction!! 

Don’t be fooled by this innocent looking face as this team member would think nothing of it to spin around after totally missing a ball, jumping up and down similar to a toddler throwing a tantrum if her ball didn’t catch flight (as if anyone else’s did) or chasing her ball and catching it before it rolled off the green once again!  Now where the hell did that ball go?

Karin was slightly irritated as one of the men in her life (which is my DH) paid more attention to the other 2 ladies in the alliance and totally abandoned us.  She felt rather neglected and at one stage wanted to run him over with our cart.

I had to do most of the driving but we realized without DH there we would not have known where to go next.  Even on the golf course I was more lost than anything else.  Looking at Karin in this photo I can only guess our arms must have been extremely tired already.

I now also know that apart from giving birth there is nothing more painful than hitting a golf stick with all your might, directly into the ground (not planned though) and the shocking pain running all the way from your thumb, through your wrist, up your arm and ending in your shoulder blade is something I don’t wish upon anyone else.  However we had heaps of giggles and sometimes laughed so much that the tears streamed down our faces.

So after visiting the 2 water holes 3 times, begging another round of drinks from a passing cart with our opposition in it, we finally made it to pre-dinner drinks on the porch.

It was here that  another rather funny incident happened.  Team mate Rina’s brother came to talk to us and while discussing how many lost balls we picked up, he remarked that one stupid person actually left a golf iron standing by a tree and how irresponsible that was.  We all suspected it to be someone who might just have had a wee bit too much to drink when Rina bravely announced that this person should be fined heavily.

Luckily Rina’s husband and main sponsor of the day, decided to go take a look at this lost item and recognized it, showed it to Rina who realized it was hers but couldn’t remember where she left it.  Well, well…… I could as I then took charge of her camera when, after a major laughing session, she so desperately needed a bathroom and with none near, had to settle for the bushes.  Caught in the act!!

Before dinner it was the prize-giving and can you guess what?  We won first prize!!  Okay in all fairness I should say that there were only 3 female teams, one group of youngsters had so much to drink, they never even made it to dinner and I suppose the other group was even worse than we were for we definitely did not win because of our abilities.  This is my first prize.
An all in one camera-speaker phone, alarm, clock, calendar and temperature reader plugged into my computer.

As if this wasn’t good enough I still won a lucky draw which was this neat desk organizer.

Almost makes it worth entering again next year but I am sure we’re all convinced that we should stick to quilting as our hobby of choice.

Poor walking partner had to go all by herself this morning as I was in absolute no condition to walk and later the morning she stopped by with 3 muscle relaxing/pain killing tablets to get me through the day.

“Never say never” -  heck but I don’t ever want to feel this way again!


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  1. Oh Hettie - what a good old laugh you've given me with your golfing day! ...been meaning to check before this how you and "the witches" did, and reckon if you won first prize in the event, then you must be GOOD !!! When I was younger they didn't give you first prize as a matter of elimination - you had to be GOOD !
    Have also read your following posts, and you're certainly a busy lady. Hope your Mom settles in fine with your sister. Enjoy the Pfaff event. ...Margaret