Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 3: PFAFF Sew-Away

Without having to repeat myself constantly, I basically went to bed every night shivering just to wake up all sweaty every morning but on Day 2, Karin simply woke up in a foul mood.  The reason….. The 2 sisters, Sarie and Annetjie, who claim to have reached the age where they don’t need that much sleep anymore, woke up at 05:30 walking right up to Karin’s bedroom window, wondering out loud whether this was my room, our kitchen or what?  All the while with Karin, NOT a morning person, hearing every word!

O boy, did they get it when Karin appeared outside.  Remember Sarie (the more talkative sister) is a senior compared to Karin but this did not keep Karin from launching an attack, something similar to this:  “What is wrong with you woman?  Why do you get up in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to stand talking at my bedroom window?”

Senior or not, they got the message.  I had a good giggle when I opened the front door the third morning to find both Annetjie and Sarie each quietly far apart and far away from Karin’s room in the garden.

The project for today wasn’t as difficult as uncomfortable having to work with plastic and canvas and yet another zipper.  I think Marie discovered a massive zipper clearance sale right before this Sew-Away.

When I stand and sew (including stepping on the foot pedal of my machine) you can bet I had a hard time managing the fabric and/or corners in the machine.

Rina taking a coffee break with Ruth in the foreground.  The only coffee breaks we got were those we took ourselves.

Ida also found it helpful to stand and work, Karin in the background busy with her favorite pastime; unpicking.

My completed fat quarter carry bag.

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