Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 2: PFAFF Sew-Away

Woke up on the second day in wet sheets, I ran a fever scared of nothing during the night!  However breakfast was served at 07:45, so not much time to feel sorry for myself.  Even though I took a bath the previous night, I felt so sticky I had to jump into the shower before starting the day.  Everybody seemed awake and eager to start their day at the breakfast table and all I felt like doing was crawling back into bed.

We had such a lovely spacious venue to work in with 2 long tables, placed in an L-shape for every person.  Here Nettie can be seen at her work station.

When we entered the venue on day 1, we found these neat gifts on our tables.

Rina too gave us a very special gift in the form of this engraved mug, showing all the years and places most of this group has been together previously.

The project for the day was somewhat more time consuming and I have to take my hat off to Marie who had to instruct and guide both the quilters and the embroiderers amongst us.  The two projects obviously looked totally different but both groups went through the same bad memory……………… piping!!!  If I ever wondered, I am now convinced I hate piping!!

Looking at the photo of my completed bag – lined with inner zipper pockets I should add (as if I would ever be able to do this again) – I honestly believe it would have looked just as good without piping or maybe twin needle top stitching.

I worked like crazy to finish just to quietly disappear and hit my bed around 4pm.  Woke up in cold shivers, still not feeling any better and don’t think this nap prevented me from sleeping that night, again waking up drenched in my own sweat!!

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