Monday, October 03, 2011

Catching up while mom’s gone

I plan to go on a PFAFF sew-away next week and my DS offered to invite mom over to visit them for awhile and also to give me somewhat of a break.  I dearly appreciate this even though we knew moving a person with dementia could be risky.  They don’t like being taken out of their comfort zone, so it could either be extremely upsetting; with her not wanting to go or she’d love it and enjoy the change.  I took her suitcase out of the cupboard earlier this week and left it standing in her room after telling her that my sister invited her to visit.  This constant reminder seemed to help as by Friday evening she was so excited that she could hardly sleep and kept asking me what the time was, although she has a HUGE clock in her room.

Saturday morning however when I woke her, she had no recollection of our planned trip as by the time she was awake my DH already took her suitcase to the car.  So I had to explain again.

When my sister offered to help out, I decided to make the most of this time without mom, getting all those tiny things done, just as I did when my kids would go on a school camp or on vacation with friends.  Unfortunately all my dreams of changing the world in this time hardly ever realized and I knew beforehand that it might also be the case with my mom being away.

We met each other half-way to swop mom (sounds bad I know) and once we got home I first took a decent nap as sitting in the car for almost 5½ hours made me lazy but the moment I woke up, I cracked the whip as the week ahead is not going to be less hectic with morning and evening classes every single day to make up for the week that I’ll be gone.

Unfortunately I couldn’t start working on any quilting as I had to tackle the housework first.  I get extremely agitated when my housework is not up to date, so work before play.  I did all the laundry and ironing and then started cleaning mom’s room.  Could only do a part but at least a start.

Catsidy, our black cat, seemed to enjoy helping me and would get into the tumble dryer with every load I took out.  Then again winter seems to be back and he might have just looked for a warmer spot.

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  1. I know how needing a break is. I need one also. The cleaning is something I will let go until I can't stand it, but I am outside trying to get yard work done before the snow flies. Don't work to hard. Chris