Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 4: PFAFF Sew-Away

This was our last stitching day and not a moment too soon.  We were dead tired and if you read my previous posts, we simply NEVER got time off for a little socializing.  In fact my 3l box wine returned home unopened!  Marie must have been into slave driving in her previous life and still struggles to get rid of her former tendencies.

We played with Seminole piecing which I just love and made this lovely toiletry bag fitting neatly over an ice-cream container.

Here Karin fits her Seminole Strip to her head.  For some reason she fitted most everything around her head.  Standard size, Karin??????

We had so many lucky draws or hand-outs it almost felt like Christmas.  Here a couple of the draws I won or hand-outs I got can be seen.

We had somewhat of a break when Marie gave us time for show and tell and just take a look at some of the beauties that appeared this year.

All our completed projects on display and here you can see how Marie had to cope with keeping both quilters and embroiderers entertained.  Although we used the same patterns, the decorations differed dramatically.

All the ladies hard at work

The embroiderers made one additional project, this lampshade.  Pretty neat hey?

Having ample workspace in the venue.

Taking a well deserved break

And then I forced them into play.  Blindfolded custard feeding between myself and Marie.

We went to bed totally exhausted but at least knowing there won’t be any work done the next morning.

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