Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 5: PFAFF Sew-Away

And then our final day arrived, we could calmly get up instead of ‘jump up’ and sit down for a final breakfast with the group.  Annatjie left early morning or as Karin would put it ‘in the middle of the night’ as she feared she might become sleepy if she first had breakfast.

It is always sad to greet our friends, especially those coming from far, whom we don’t get to see frequently but that just make us look forward to the next time.

I wore custom made earrings for the duration of the week to match the sewing theme.

This is our whole group, hoping to see all again next year.

That then concluded our PFAFF sew-away for 2011 and I for one couldn’t wait to get home to see a doctor.  Feeling much better now, I am quite convinced Marie worked me into a fever!!

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