Monday, October 31, 2011

Fabric bowls

I did quite some sewing this weekend as I got to finish 33 goodie bag projects for our 2013 National Festival, bringing me up to date for October.

Then I fooled around with SOLVE aka Avalon (wash-away paper/plastic used by embroiderers).  I first saw these somewhere on the internet and when, on the PFAFF sew-away, we made a scarf in a similar manner, I decided to make these and share it with 2 quilt groups that I’m a member of as a pre-year end play-date.

I made my bowl using strips of fabric in browns, beige and orange and I think it turned out good.  I used Fabric Stiffener to make the bowl somewhat harder.

This seemed to look interesting as when DIL came over on Saturday, after dragging me to the shops for a 3-hour clothing shopping session, she used squares and packed a purple and red bowl.

Not to be outdone, the blonde wanted to do this as well and did hers in turquoise, yellow and pink and low and behold DH showed interest too but he was extremely demanding.  He only wanted black and white strips in exactly ¾” strips and then set off weaving his.

I still had to do all the stitching and we only went to bed after 1am on Sunday morning.  The last 3 bowls I finished with Tokreen (Clear) for stiffness but this made the fabric look somewhat dull.

Now at least I have enough examples to show to the groups.

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  1. Ek hou hiervan! Dit klink nogal 'n goeie manier om nie kwilters geinteresseerd te kry?