Monday, November 07, 2011

The advantages of having creative friends

I had the first of 4 chickens deboned at 08:30 this morning.  More than halfway through any chicken pie or chicken salad planned for the next month or so.

Many moons ago DH gave me this necklace with matching bracelet and earrings.  With me being allergic to gold and everything fake, this became the only jewelry I wore until the parrots decided they liked the little balls on the cluster more and slowly but surely these disappeared.

I tried to wear fakes for a couple of months but ended up itching and scratching like a pet with fleas, so I had it fixed.  I had to give up my bracelet to do this but then I got this clever idea of having the jeweler make the cluster removable.

With my early morning walking buddy being the sister of the wife of the best known jeweler in town it was easy to relay my idea as she knew exactly what I had.  Nope, she could unfortunately not negotiate a discount! This is what my remodeled necklace looked like.

Now walking buddy also made costume jewelry for a while but got sick of it and it just again made me realize how lucky we are to be quilters.  One simply never gets tired of it.  If you don't want to make a huge bed quilt, you can always opt for a smaller quilted item.

Anyway, I gave her arm a final twist to make me clusters in different colors to occasionally be able to change these and look what I got!!  She also made a couple of clip-on chains to use when I turn the necklace wrong way front to give it somewhat of a different look.

Now I can feel dressed again.  The second chicken is cooked and ready for deboning, so I better get going.

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