Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goodie bag project

I am still keeping up with making our monthly quota of projects for the goodie bags for our National Quilt Festival but on Friday night, Karin and I had a couple of kind faeries over to give us a little (in fact a LOT of) help.
Iessie, 'tannie' Magriet and Wilna offered to give up a nights' sleep to sit and stitch with us and it felt like we moved mountains.  We got no less than 100 of what we needed done and Karin could take 60 to get up to date and we shared the rest.

Now at least we just have half of what we're supposed to do left and they even took some home to finish further for us.  then, absent but also a huge help is Rina, who took no less than 10 meters of fabric to work.  Okay she doesn't sew it herself but pays someone to do it... still, less work for the two of us.  Thanks Rina - must be lovely to have lots of money.

However the night and continuous stitching took its toll and we all took a break occasionally just to get our backs in a different position.  Here Karin and 'tannie' Magriet changes position, scenery and enjoyed the cooler weather outside.

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