Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fabric bowls with the Rotary Cutter group

I had the Rotary Cutters group over at my house on the first Tuesday of the month and with it being their second last meeting of the year, we made it a play date.  Our last meeting will be dining (drinking) out in December.

We layered the tables with newspaper sheets and then the cutting, spraying and packing started.  Now they all know why we were taught to cut and paste in our earlier school years.  You never know when you'll need it again.

Elsa covering her top layer with SOLVE before the free motion stitching is done.

She had a class with me the next evening and brought along her completed bowl.  Turned out pretty with it being different colors on the in- and outside.

Sonja threading her machine after her fabric has been packed and layered between two layers of SOLVE.

Estelle trying to make sense of the strips and colors.

Marietjie, talking non-stop, while cutting out circles for her bowl.

Jolita packing strips and after rinsing the SOLVE, she tied her bowl with ribbon to keep the shape.

Wilna quietly doing her thing in her corner.

Daléne decided to take a short cut with bigger squares.

 Frances had the most interesting array of fabric and decorations.  This should turn out rather beautiful.

Unfortunately we had to wait for these to dry overnight and finished much earlier than anticipated but that was just the ideal excuse to enjoy the 2 bottles of 'Bloos' wine Estelle brought along.

See you in December ladies - this time drinking only, no sewing or working on a project!

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