Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 1: PFAFF Sew-Away

On Monday, 10 October, Karin and I left for Florisbad where our local PFAFF dealer, Marie, held this year’s Sew-Away.  It is only a 44 km drive from my house but we always stop along the road and this time would be no different when we pulled over at a Pit Stop next to the N1 to have breakfast.  We both felt tired (had a busy weekend) and bought ourselves something for energy.  Little did I know that I had some unknown inflammation launching an attack on my body.

After greeting our other ‘once-a-year-get-together’ friends, Marie showed us to our house.  Is this not the absolute ideal set-up?  This old restored house has 3 flats and apart from Ida, who had her own bungalow, we all stayed here.

Karin and I each had our own bedroom in our flat and this was mine.

Barely unpacked or sergeant major, Marie, wanted to start on our projects.  I think Marie somewhere along the line got lost and now just doesn’t know the difference between a relaxing Sew-Away with time to social and a Sewing Boot Camp, where she expects the impossible from us in the least amount of time.  We attended the latter.  Here she can clearly be seen contemplating her next move on how to make us suffer.

We started off by making a jewelry travel bag and don’t for a moment think that was the project for the day, no-no, we were frequently reminded to hurry up as we still had lots to do.  This caused Ida to check the air conditioner rather early as we all felt, this was going to be a long hot day.

This is my completed jewelry travel bag.

The only breaks we had were meal times and boy, were they good.  Already suffering today without my 3 huge meals per day.

Hardly had time to clean our tables or project 2 was introduced and we had to get going, again only taking a break for dinner.  Yes, you read it correctly, we even continued after dinner!!  Rina made the most of her meal breaks and even got a mini nap in during one of these breaks.

No wait, looking at the rest of the photos it seems something else tired Rina as this was what she and Annatjie were up to during dinner.  Some people…. Just can’t take them anywhere.  Check Marie’s face on the photo!!

We finished our scarves – not a knitting needle in sight, all done by sewing machine – just before 10pm and by then I was shivering from cold fever and was ready for bed.  My completed scarf.

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  1. Sounds like a wild time. Looks like you enjoyed it. chris