Thursday, April 26, 2018

On Trend Quilt Along – 2 - Completed

This was another one of those things I did and when completed, you realise you’ve done yourself a huge favour for you’ve learnt so much.

I am still no pro in free motion on the longarm but with every quilt I do I gain confidence and some things just gets a little easier.

I remember my first pebbling on the longarm and how bad it looked but now, after doing this a couple of times; these do not look that bad anymore.

Another motif that I just couldn’t get right, was the ribbon candy and on this quilt I could actually see how much I’ve improved with this design.

So yes, I might just do more free motion quilt-alongs and I find using different tutors equally exciting.  One may not get an idea from one quilter but then another teacher shows it in a slightly different way and suddenly it just clicks and off you go.

I still have to find a teacher that would make a echoed star sink into my brain for there is simply no way I could get this right by just making dots with my pen.  Heck I got things that looked like tentacles from some stiff dead creature, so I omitted many an echoed star on this dear quilt.

This quilt will also be put up in my longarm room as a sample and a way for me to keep seeing where I came from and how I progress.

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