Friday, April 13, 2018

On Trend Quilt Along – 1

While making mistake after mistake on my All Stacked Up quilt, I discover the cutest quilter on You Tube by the name of Lauren Jackson who teaches FM quilting on a longarm online.  Now I have a teacher available at my beck and call.  Her website can be found over HERE.

I signed up for the On Trend Quilt Along but I still needed to make my quilt top as ordering panels from her would take forever and a day to get to darkest Africa and I am just a little too impatient for that.  So using fabric from my stash (one almost as old as I am) I decided to piece a top according to her instructions.

I had a piece of multi-coloured fabric for ages now and just never found a place where I could use it, so I decided to use this as a guide to the colours of the rest of the quilt.

Now I would have never thought of combining a colour such as olive green with teal but if the fabric designer found it to work, who am to say it won't?  Pulled out fabric from my stash to go with the border and pretty soon I had all the pieces needed to assemble my top.

I don’t think the quilt top was meant to be a show stopper but it is a reasonable size with practical spaces to try different motifs on, even borders of different widths.

With this done I printed my worksheets and had to do the drawing class so I got out all my fun drawing equipment to play and practise.  The lovely thing is that while doing this I can watch the video in which Lauren explains how a motif is shaped or built up, I can pause, stop and replay the video at any given time according to my needs.

I however still wish to finish the Angela Walters quilt along before starting with this one.

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