Friday, April 20, 2018

Repairs to my machine

About a week ago our local Bernina, Q’nique agents in South Africa, replaced a component on my frame.  I had trouble with my take up rail (Momentum frame) getting stuck midway in quilting.  After that I finished the Angela Walters free motion quilt along and the rail worked like a dream, so I do believe that problem has been resolved.

Then while doing the challenge I hit a ruler which not only broke a part of my needle threader but also set the timing/memory of my machine off.

Yesterday our Bernina dealer was back, replaced the component for the timing, gave me a new threader and even another extra spare part (also in the threading path) that I can keep.  After sales service means a lot to me and I really cannot complain about what I am getting.  I also got to check out the inside of my machine while work was being done and I was rather surprised to see how very basic the inner works are.

Now I can play to my hearts’ delight again.

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