Saturday, April 07, 2018

Free motion quilt along hosted by Angela Walters – 7

And then we got to the swirl meander.  Now for everyone that might look at the left side of this block and think, “ah she’s good”, nope, this must be one of the earliest designs I tried for FM quilting even on my sit down machine, so I think I got the hang of it.  On the right hand side however I tried the elongated swirl…… I think I failed miserably.  All I seemed to achieve was somewhat of a bigger and kinda mismatched swirl.  I believe the idea here is, try it all and stick to what you can manage, so here goes my take on the Swirl Meander.

My attempt at the feather meander may look horrible to the viewer but I am quite convinced if I used matching thread, none of my imperfections would have shown up this much, so I am satisfied and after all it is my opinion that should count now, isn’t it?

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