Thursday, April 12, 2018

Breaking parts on my machine

I’ve been quilting along ever so smoothly trying different techniques, motifs and especially ruler work, when my foot hit the ruler and I was left with this little shiny thingy on my quilt top.

I just could not figure out where it came from or what broke, so when hubby came home after work, he stood behind the machine and saw that it was part of my thread guide on my needle bar.  Now the leftover bit still clings to the needle bar and I can still quilt but obviously I have to look at it for any possible movement every time I complete a motif or area which already happened.

Being after office hours I sent an e-mail to our local dealer and I so pray that they will have a replacement part for me in South Africa.  I am not sure I can endure waiting for the part to be imported which will take way too long.

So today I will be frequently checking my e-mail for any response.

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