Thursday, April 05, 2018

Free motion quilt along hosted by Angela Walters – 5

We had the electrician back, this time with dear husband rather frustrated by now, telling him exactly what he should replace, irrespective of the cost, but something should be done somewhere and by golly, he could help us the same day and replaced the trip switch.  Now I refuse to get excited too soon but life has been good…. No electricity failures up to now and I’ve been piecing, ironing, watching cricket on TV, quilting, cooking and playing games on the computer with no problems and this is my attempt at dot to dot quilting (with a little filler to make it seem less “empty” and some areas left unquilted to make it seem less busy).

A new book also arrived at the office, so while hubby is out on a business trip I’ll have some eye candy to stare at when in bed tonight.  This is the Longarm Quilting Workbook by Teresa Silva.  So much to look forward to….. Maybe I should just go to bed at 4pm???

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