Monday, April 23, 2018

Labyrinth Walk – 1

In August 2017 Daughter-in-law very politely hinted for a Labyrinth Walk quilt by posting this request on my Facebook wall.

I’ve seen these in different colours several times but it looked daunting.  I however still went ahead and ordered the pattern, with it not being available as a PDF download, I thought it would never get to darkest Africa with the criminal elements in our postal service but it did.  It was somewhat of a disappointment in that it was a black and white pattern which seems like it is simply printed whenever needed to sell.  I can therefore not understand it not being made available as a PDF.

Looked at the pattern for days on end, trying to make a colour picture in my head but I am obviously not that creative.

Finally got hold of fabric but these were left unattended for several more months while I got to play with my newly acquired longarm.

While waiting for online classes on FM quilting to be done on the longarm I got bored and remembered about the “ready to go” quilt pattern and fabric and started cutting.  The pattern, I must give due credit, was typed in an extremely user friendly manner and pretty soon I had almost all my strips needed cut. I went with green for finding two (dark and light) colours of large quantities in our little city was somewhat of a mission.  So it was never about the colour I prefer but about the colour that would be available.

Well one strip or piece at a time and my first block is starting to take on shape.


  1. Looking forward to seeing it completed, looking good.

  2. Dit lyk baie interessant. Waar het jy die patroon gekoop?