Sunday, April 01, 2018

All stacked up – 5

The kids came to fetch the little ones on Saturday as they had an adventure day planned, so I could get quilting again but heck how many times can one person make the exact same mistake?  Me obviously several times!

As I was stitching the blocks into rows I noticed this:

The purple and white triangle should have been switched.  No less than 3 blocks, one already set in a row, had to be unpicked and turned within its square.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, even more mishaps appeared, right in front of my eyes.  How I ever missed these when piecing or even putting the blocks up on the design wall, heaven only knows.
I then decided enough is enough and called it a night at 19:50 but in my own defence I’ve been on the internet while trying to piece and got distracted by so many other things seen and heard on You Tube.  I should not do this but my ADD does not allow me to concentrate on one thing for too long.

Got up at 03:40 this morning and decided it will get done and before the rest of South Africa was even aware of daylight, I had the completed top up back on the design wall.  Now should anyone spot yet another mistake, I really don’t need to know about it.

I just love the feeling when I get a top done, to be able to clean my sewing table, oil my machine, replace the needle, knowing I’m ready for the next new project.

Now to get batting and backing and finally finish this one off.

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