Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Quilter’s Moonshine – an interesting read

Due to the fact that Best Press is not available in the city where I live unless I wait for a vendor to visit our city and I can buy from them, I started using Quilter’s Moonshine a while back.  Many recipes on You Tube but I merely take a quarter cup of cheap (so everyone said) Vodka and mix it with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Looking like a cheapskate in the bottle store, checking every price on every bottle it turned out Celtic Bay was the cheapest and that’s what I’ve been using.

Now the catch here is that Vodka is made from potatoes which are a natural starch, so therefore the recipes and use.

Well, this morning I read a Facebook post which put somewhat of a damper on my pressing spirits.  This was it….

Now off I went to the kitchen to check the ingredients of my Vodka, needless to say, being bottled in South Africa, not even a hint of which poisons might be in there.  So for all I know I could have been pressing my quilts with grapes/wheat/rice or whatever for the last couple of months!

I tried to google Vodka made from potatoes and found very few and none produced in South Africa but I’m sure you will find it somewhere but I can also guess it will be at a cost.  So I guess I’ll just have to up my quantity of Best Press purchased from the vendor next time they visit our city but part of the reason for using cheap Vodka was that it then was cheaper than Best Press.

At least I will look better in a bottle store, checking for ingredients and not price.

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