Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Multi-tasking over a long weekend

We had a long weekend in South Africa with Friday and Tuesday being public holidays and hubby closing the office on Monday… so an extra-long weekend for us.

I did a little of everything and getting dressed every morning was not necessarily part of this.
My All Stacked Up was loaded onto the frame and I intermittently worked on that and it is nice to see the progress and obviously advancing the quilt, knowing you’ve finished yet another chunk.

I’ve been watching You Tube videos by Dorie Hruska from Forever Quilting to start to learn to quilt continuously without so many thread breakages with having to start and stop frequently and I actually got it right on this quilt with very few stops.

I made a label for my On Point quilt and continued piecing my Labyrinth Walk quilt for daughter-in-law.

We took care of the younger kids’ ringneck parrot, while they went on a biking trip, and this little lady can be rather demanding.

I am raising a baby dove that I found almost frozen outside our office on the 18th and this one too needs plenty of attention and regular feeding.

The grandkids came for a sleepover and I did some wax crayon art on fabric (ala Kelly Cline) with granddaughter while Oupa had to entertain Big Man.

We also took the grandkids to the annual Bloem Show which turned out a full day event and seeing that DIL and I had a Vodka ice coffee early morning, the day and entertaining the little ones seemed even longer.

I binged watched The Handmaid’s Tale, gave my cutting boards a spa treatment, made new leader cloths for my frame, washed my hair brushes and combs (something I’m really lazy to do) and in the end I at least have DIL’s Labyrinth Walk, still as a flimsy, to show.

It almost felt like Christmas break but now I am ready to get back to the office and my routine.  My ADD needs the structure!

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