Monday, May 14, 2018

All stacked up – 7 – Completed

As said, in my previous post, very little quilting happened last week.  Brother-in-law from Namibia arrived on Tuesday to see mother-in-law, staying in the same city as us, as she’s been a little under the weather lately.  As life goes, when he arrived, she showed no signs of the ailments she complained about which we kept him informed off, so he might just be thinking that we were lying to him.  Legal excuse or not, it was good having him over for a visit and he returned home this afternoon.

I had an amazing weekend while the men were either playing golf or shopping for Mother’s Day to watch free Angela Walters’ videos on Craftsy and learnt a lot by just listening to her instructions and seeing her stitch designs out.

Unfortunately my sewing machine had to be sent to Johannesburg for a check-up as I’ve experienced some problems with it, so even longer without being able to quilt anything.

It is also one of a very few times where I’ve completed a project without already having a new “must do” or “must have” quilt in mind.  O yes, I have enough fabric and patterns but just nothing that really screams “make me first!”

My friend Celdri, the one who brought me fabric from New Zealand, recently went to the USA and I was fortunate enough to get yet another gift pack. I am such a lucky girl.

For Mother’s Day we went out to lunch on Sunday with the whole family and Big Man truly enjoyed his rib.  This little face says it all.

I had the binding of my All Stacked Up quilt sewn to the front of the quilt and while visiting with brother-in-law I finished the back by hand.  Even though I used every possible scrap I had with very little planning of the colours, I think this didn’t come out too bad.

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