Sunday, May 06, 2018


I haven’t done much quilting this week and I won’t do much next week.  Brother in law is coming for a quick visit all the way from Namibia and I think we won’t even have enough time talking, let alone me disappear for quilting.

The good news though is I found Potato Vodka at a reasonable price in darkest Africa and in our local city for R 200 a bottle.  My next option (but I do believe one pays more for the fancy bottle) would be R 469 and the first find would definitely work out cheaper than Best Press.  I paid R 135 for my last Best Press purchase of 500 ml.  For quilters moonshine I need a quarter cup Potato Vodka with 2 cups of water, the equivalent of a Best Press bottle, and from 750 ml Vodka I can mix 12 of these bottles.  So it is back to Quilters Moonshine for pressing my quilts.

I found a rather interesting video on You Tube with the name “What to quilt on your quilt?”  by Quilt Expressions over HERE.

Interesting enough there are only 5 shapes needed to be able to quilt and custom quilting can become overrated on a very busy or colorful quilt as I could clearly see on my All stacked up quilt.  The quilt in itself has so many colors drawing the eye that the quilting almost gets lost.  This is a video worth watching before spending hours trying to put as many as possible shapes and or patterns on a quilt or asking a long-arm quilter to spend hours doing tedious and costly work.

If I can now just find and finish a binding for this one, I will at least have some handwork to do while brother in law visits.

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