Monday, May 21, 2018

Just fooling around

With my Q’nique in sewing hospital and me not really having anything I want to work on or start at this stage, I set up my trusty Pfaff Grand Quilter for free-motion quilting again.

Remember the wax crayon art my granddaughter did in THIS post?  

I decided to turn these into something useful after quilting it.  Two of the pieces were used as the front and back of a bag and the appreciation on that little face was enough of a thank-you.

The third piece I made into a scatter cushion that she can use in her doll house or where-ever she felt like.

We had her over for the weekend but at 5 years old this one is such a pleasure.  We simply set up several activity stations in the house and we don’t even know that we have an extra person.  She can build Lego, paint, play with dough, watch TV, play on her phone, colour in, and help me cook or her Oupa outside with whatever he does.

Even with her here I got to binge watch The Crossing and just as with The Handmaid’s Tale I cannot wait for the second seasons.

After she left Sunday afternoon I treated myself to making some stuffed Jalapeno poppers.  I eat a chili or Jalapeno every single day of my life as I truly believe this keeps me from getting the common cold, sniffles, snot nose or irritating cough my co-workers constantly suffers from.  Up to now I’ve settled for pickled chilies or Jalapeno’s and these mostly come from my own garden and I also pickle them myself.  However in winter I need something with more to the bone so I made my very first batch….. Fiery hot but oh so good!

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