Sunday, June 03, 2018

Labyrinth Walk – 2

So much have happened but very little on the quilting front.  I got my machine back from sewing hospital after just one week which I found astounding seeing that the repairs did not take place in the city where I live. So dropped off locally, couriered to another city, fixed and tested machine, couriered back to me…. All in ONE week.

I had my Labyrinth done and loaded it onto the frame just to realize I feel like the 1976 song by Mary Mac Green “Torn between two lovers” except that I had more than two lovers.  I was busy binge watching “The Missing” and when done with Series 1 only found out Series 2 was also available, Roland Garos started and I didn’t want to miss a beat and then granddaughter was admitted to hospital and me having to help look after Big Man seeing that he was not allowed in the hospital room with his older sister.

I was dead tired with very little to show for it.  Big Man is extremely active and one dare not turn your back for a second, I know as when I did, he found dog poo on the grass and decided “this is something I haven’t played with before, let’s check it out”…… ugh!!

Granddaughter was allowed to come home on Saturday however we are none the wiser as to what caused her fever.  They’ve tested basically everything and even took scans of her head, the diagnosis ranged from ear infection, encephalitis, severe post nasal drip and what not but we still don’t know what really made her sick.

We had both little ones over to sleep by us yesterday to give mom and dad an evening off, they’ve been sharing hospital duty and we thought they deserved it.  When the little ones left late morning, I quilted some and then took the most amazing afternoon nap and even with that plans to head to bed early tonight.

I finished the quilting and can now just do the binding but that will have to wait for another more energetic day.

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