Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Challenging my Q’nique

When I purchased my machine I was warned, not only by the dealer but by other international users of this machine, that it dislikes certain thread and will preferably work with Isacord or Glide.  Now I bought Isacord and Glide but the whole time I wondered how one dead thing (machine) can decide it dislikes another dead thing (thread).

So one day with a little time on my hands I loaded a practise piece of fabric popped some variegated Marathon thread on the machine and got going.  My, oh my, what a beautiful result I got.

My fabric was roughly 1 meter by 1.5 meter and after seeing the initial results I simply kept going.  Trying out every possible motif I know or have seen somewhere.  I had perfect tension all over, no thread breakage and used 3 different threads types in the bobbin.

Simply could not just get rid of this practise piece, so I turned it into a dust cover for one of my domestic machines.  Not being a seamstress, the finishing sucks but I am sure it will serve its’ purpose.


  1. Every machine is different. Sometimes I think the thread isn't the only thing that causes skipping. Needles, Batting and also the fabric itself. You practice piece is very attractive. Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, still a learning curve but feeling much better about what I can do daily.